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    (no artist given)

    (no artist given) ..My Life Away . HSP-6-01
    (various) 70's Megamix - STW-1755
    (various) 70's Megamix - STW-1760
    (various) 70's Megamix - STW-3111
    (various) 70's Megamix - STW-3141
    (various) 70's Megamix - STW-3159
    (no artist given) Aaron's Party . ULT-24972
    (no artist given) All I Need is a Miracle . ULT-24962
    (no artist given) Angel . PS-1244
    (various) Angels From The Realms Of Glory - FHT-9075
    (various) Angels We Have Heard On High - FHT-9075
    (no artist given) Are You Lonesome Tonight Sing A Long . PRX-05
    (various) As Tears Go By - UBS-SH030
    (various) Auld Lang Syne - FHT-9075
    (no artist given) Baby One More Time . ULT-24972
    (no artist given) Back and Forth . ULT-24972
    (various) Battle Hymn Of The Republic - FHT-7811
    (various) Battle Hymn Of The Republic - FHT-7923
    (various) Battle Hymn Of The Republic - FHT-9015
    (no artist given) Being with You . ULT-24932
    (various) Big Rock Candy Mountain - FHT-9180
    (various) Bill Bailey Won't You Come Home - FHT-9160
    (various) Blessed Assurance - FHT-9185
    (various) Botany Bay . CKA-CKG02
    (various) Botany Bay - CKA-CKV02
    (various) Botany Bay - CKA-MK11
    (various) Brahm's Lullaby - FHT-7814
    (various) Brahm's Lullaby - FHT-7923
    (no artist given) Breathe In Now . CKA-MK11
    (various) Bye Baby Bunting - FHT-7814
    (various) Bye Baby Bunting - FHT-7923
    (various) Camptown Races - FHT-9180
    (various) Clementine - FHT-9015
    (various) Come O Come Emanuel - FHT-9075
    (no artist given) Contacting . SC-DM8100
    (various) Daddy Sang Bass - FHT-9180
    (no artist given) Daddy's Friends . HSP-6-01
    (various) Danny Boy - FHT-7807
    (various) Danny Boy - FHT-7923
    (various) Diva Megamix . CB-ESP468
    (no artist given) Don't Go Breakin My Heart . ULT-17372
    (various) Down By The Riverside - FHT-9015
    (various) Down By The Riverside - FHT-9090
    (no artist given) Down Under . ULT-25042
    (various) Dry Bones - FHT-7923
    (various) Dry Bones - FHT-9170
    (no artist given) Endless Love . ULT-17372
    (no artist given) Every Little Thing She Does . ULT-SUPRHTS
    (no artist given) Everybody Wants to Rule the World . ULT-25042
    (no artist given) Fame . ULT-24962
    (no artist given) Final Countdown . ULT-24962
    (various) For He's A Jolly Good Fellow - FHT-9075
    (various) For Me & My Gal - FHT-9175
    (various) For The Music - MFC-CK024
    (no artist given) For Your Eyes Only . ULT-25042
    (various) Frankie & Johnny - FHT-9175
    (various) German Lullaby - FHT-7814
    (various) German Lullaby - FHT-7923
    (various) Give My Regards To Broadway - FHT-9185
    (various) Go Tell It On The Mountain - FHT-7923
    (various) Go Tell It On The Mountain - FHT-9075
    (various) Golden Slumbers - FHT-7814
    (various) Golden Slumbers - FHT-7923
    (no artist given) Greatest Love of All . ULT-24932
    (various) Hail Hail The Gang's All Here - FHT-9020
    (various) Hail Hail The Gang's All Here - FHT-9075
    (various) Hail To The Chief - FHT-7811
    (various) Hail To The Chief - FHT-7923
    (various) Half The Way - UBS-SH041
    (various) Harrigan - FHT-7807
    (various) Harrigan - FHT-7923
    (various) Harrigan - FHT-9185
    (no artist given) Have You Ever Seen The Rain . TKC-11
    (no artist given) Hoki Mai . TKC-11
    (various) Holly & The Ivy - FHT-9075
    (various) Home On The Range - FHT-9015
    (no artist given) How Am I Supposed to Live Without You . ULT-24932
    (no artist given) Hurt So Good . ULT-SUPRHTS
    (various) Hush Little Baby - FHT-7814
    (various) Hush Little Baby - FHT-7923
    (various) Hush-A-Bye - FHT-7814
    (various) Hush-A-Bye - FHT-7923
    (no artist given) I Can Dream About You . ULT-24962
    (no artist given) I Finally Found Someone . ULT-17372
    (no artist given) I Love A Rainy Night . HSP-6-01
    (various) I Love You Truly - FHT-9155
    (no artist given) I Wanna Know . ULT-24972
    (no artist given) I Want It That Way . ULT-24972
    (no artist given) If You Can Dream . DIS-61382
    (various) If You're Happy & You Know It - FHT-7923
    (various) I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen - FHT-7807
    (various) I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen - FHT-7923
    (no artist given) I'm So Excited . ULT-25042
    (no artist given) I'm Too Sexy . ULT-24962
    (no artist given) In the Air Tonight . ULT-SUPRHTS
    (various) In The Good Old Summertime - FHT-9015
    (no artist given) It's Gonna Be Me . ULT-24972
    (various) It's Only Rock N Roll - EKC-112
    (various) I've Been Working On The Railroad - FHT-9170
    (no artist given) Jack & Diane . ULT-25042
    (various) Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair - FHT-9020
    (various) Jimmy Crack Corn - FHT-9175
    (various) Lady Marmalade - XTR-ZD4
    (various) Lady Marmalade - ZM-LPK
    (various) Let Me Call You Sweetheart - FHT-9175
    (various) Little Brown Jug - FHT-9170
    (various) Live For Love United - SF-WC01
    (no artist given) Love Shack . ULT-SUPRHTS
    (various) Macnamara's Band - FHT-7807
    (various) Macnamara's Band - FHT-7923
    (various) MacNamara's Band - FHT-8953
    (various) MacNamara's Band - FHT-9155
    (various) Michael Row The Boat Ashore - FHT-7923
    (various) Michael Row The Boat Ashore - FHT-9090
    (no artist given) Midnight Special . SC-8282
    (various) Midnight Special - FHT-9020
    (various) Midnight Special - FHT-9090
    (no artist given) Mountain Music . HSP-6-01
    (various) Mozart's Lullaby - FHT-7814
    (various) Mozart's Lullaby - FHT-7923
    (various) My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean - FHT-9180
    (no artist given) My Favorite Things s UBS-G050
    (no artist given) My Mind Is On You s UBS-G062
    (various) My Old Kentucky Home - FHT-9015
    (various) My Wild Irish Rose - FHT-7807
    (various) My Wild Irish Rose - FHT-7923
    (various) My Wild Irish Rose - FHT-9175
    (various) Old Blue - FHT-9180
    (various) On Top Of Old Smokey - FHT-9170
    (no artist given) One Heart At A Time . CB-20041
    (various) One Heart At A Time - CB-60121
    (no artist given) One In A Million . HSP-6-01
    (no artist given) One More Night . ULT-25042
    (no artist given) Oops I Did It Again . ULT-24972
    (no artist given) Out Here On My Own s UBS-G051
    (various) Over The River & Through The Woods - FHT-9075
    (various) Over There - FHT-7811
    (various) Over There - FHT-7923
    (various) Peace In The Valley - FHT-9180
    (various) Peg O My Heart - FHT-7807
    (various) Peg O My Heart - FHT-7923
    (various) Peg O My Heart - FHT-9175
    (no artist given) People Will Say We're In Love s UBS-G050
    (various) Perfect Day - EKC-056
    (various) Perfect Day - ESK-TT006
    (no artist given) Power of Love . ULT-24932
    (no artist given) Princess Diana Tribute . CB-20009
    (no artist given) Put A Little Love In Your Heart . ULT-17372
    (no artist given) Put On A Happy Face s UBS-G062
    (various) Rock A Bye Baby - FHT-7814
    (various) Rock A Bye Baby - FHT-7923
    (various) Rock N Roll Megamix - STW-2861
    (various) Rock N Roll Megamix - STW-2914
    (various) Rock N Roll Megamix - STW-2919
    (various) Rock N Roll Megamix - STW-3137
    (various) Rock N Roll Megamix - STW-3142
    (various) Rock N Roll Megamix - STW-3159
    (no artist given) Rock This Town . ULT-24962
    (various) Rockin' Robin - FHT-8857
    (various) Rose Of Tralee - FHT-7807
    (various) Rose Of Tralee - FHT-7923
    (various) Rose Of Tralee - FHT-8953
    (no artist given) Rush Rush . ULT-24932
    (various) Russian Cradle Song - FHT-7814
    (various) Russian Cradle Song - FHT-7923
    (various) She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain - FHT-9170
    (no artist given) Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) . XTR-PPK1
    (various) Sleep Baby Sleep - FHT-7814
    (various) Sleep Baby Sleep - FHT-7923
    (various) Sloop John B - FHT-9020
    (no artist given) Some Guys Have All the Luck . ULT-SUPRHTS
    (no artist given) Somebody's Watching Me . ULT-24962
    (various) Speak Softly Love - UBS-SH031
    (various) Summer Knows (Summer Of 42) - UBS-SH030
    (no artist given) Super Freak . ULT-24962
    (various) Swanee River - FHT-9090
    (various) Sweet By & By - FHT-9170
    (various) Swing Low Sweet Chariot - FHT-9090
    (various) Take Me Out To The Ball Game - FHT-9175
    (no artist given) Talking In Your Sleep . ULT-25042
    (various) This Little Light Of Mine - FHT-7923
    (no artist given) Through The Years . HSP-6-01
    (no artist given) Time Of My Life . ULT-17372
    (no artist given) Too Much Too Little To Late . ULT-17372
    (no artist given) Up Where We Belong . ULT-17372
    (various) Wabash Cannonball - FHT-9180
    (various) Waltzing Matilda - FHT-9020
    (various) War Favourites Medley - ZM-PL089
    (various) We Are The World - JT-G093
    (no artist given) We Belong . ULT-25042
    (various) Wedding Song (There Is Love) - FHT-9160
    (various) What Child Is This - FHT-9075
    (no artist given) What I Like About You . ULT-SUPRHTS
    (various) When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - FHT-7807
    (various) When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - FHT-7923
    (various) When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - FHT-8953
    (various) When Johnny Comes Marching Home - FHT-7811
    (various) When Johnny Comes Marching Home - FHT-7923
    (various) When The Saints Go Marching In - FHT-7923
    (various) When The Saints Go Marching In - FHT-9075
    (various) When The Saints Go Marching In - FHT-9090
    (various) Whispering Hope - FHT-9160
    (no artist given) Who Can It Be Now . ULT-SUPRHTS
    (various) Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs Murphy's Chowder - FHT-7807
    (various) Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs Murphy's Chowder - FHT-7923
    (various) Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs Murphy's Chowder - FHT-9155
    (various) Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs Murphy's Chowderr - FHT-8953
    (various) Will The Circle Be Unbroken - FHT-9170
    (various) World Of Our Own - CKA-CKG02
    (various) World Of Our Own - CKA-CKV02
    (various) World Of Our Own - CKA-MK11
    (various) Yankee Doodle - FHT-7811
    (various) Yankee Doodle - FHT-7923
    (various) Yankee Doodle - FHT-9160
    (various) Yellow Rose Of Texas - FHT-9015
    (no artist given) You're A Mean One Mr Grinch . CB-5040
    (various) You're A Mean One Mr Grinch - CB-60185

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