19,000+ CD+G Karaoke Songs
on a External 1 tb USB Hard Drive

These are "high-quality" CD+G tracks (with CD-quality music). However, you can get software to convert them to MP3+G and other formats if you want.

You can play these songs directly from the hard drive OR transfer them to recordable CD disks so they can be played in a standard karaoke machine.*

On-screen lyrics change color when they are to be sung.

ALL songs provided are NO LONGER AVAILABLE from the companies that recorded them.

Includes the hard drive and FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the U.S. International shipping is available (you pay for "delivery confirmation" shipping - not cheap - outside of the U.S.).

To see the main list of songs by ARTIST, click HERE
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To see the bonus list of songs from the 2010s, click HERE
To see the list of holiday (Christmas, Chanukah and New Year's) songs, click HERE

Credit & debit cards accepted.

IF you want individual tracks (not the hard drive) please go HERE They will be provided on-line so you don't have to wait for shipping.

* Important information:
- To transfer songs to a CD you MUST have a CD recorder and software that works with CD+G files "correctly." Most do NOT.
- To play songs on your computer you MUST have software that plays CD+G files. Most media players don't. Many that "say" they do DON'T (or don't do it well).
- Hard drive works with Windows Vista and higher operating systems. Works with Mac computers too.
- International shipping is available through an overnight shipping company. You pay for ALL added costs, including shipping charges and customs charges (if any).
- NO REFUNDS! It is YOUR responsibility to be sure you can do what you want to do with the tracks. Be SURE you have the necessary equipment and software (or will get it).

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